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Things to Do in Bluffton, South Carolina

There are plenty of historic and scenic areas to visit in South Carolina, but the attractions in Bluffton are some of the best. A prime location and a long list of popular areas make Bluffton a hot spot for businesses and visitors alike. Here are a few things to do in Buffton, South Carolina as suggested by us here at Hilton Head Automotive.

  • Old Town Bluffton – History buffs will feel right at home at Old Town Bluffton, a popular attraction thanks to its scenery and culture. Visitors can expect to experience food and music from the past while enjoying the modern luxuries we have today. Reminiscent of the old south, Old Town Bluffton features the architecture one would expect from such a historic area.

    Rose Hill Mansion in Bluffton, SC

    Rose Hill Mansion in Bluffton, SC

  • Rose Hill Mansion – Like many historical areas in Bluffton, Rose Hill Mansion holds tours of the historic building and grounds. Informative guides offer plenty of insight into the area’s history. The privately-maintained residence is surprisingly open to the public. Many agree that Rose Hill Mansion truly is a top place to visit in Bluffton.
  • The Church of the Cross – Rated as the number one place to visit on TripAdvisor, The Church of the Cross is home to a fully-fledged history lesson to visitors of all backgrounds. Knowledgeable staff are open to questions and invite everyone to stop by. Services are still performed within the church so be sure to plan ahead before visiting!

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