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Custom Buick Riviera Showcased on Jay Leno’s Garage

A Classic Buick Riviera

A Classic Buick Riviera

Ever since its introduction in 1963, the Buick Riviera has held a special place in the hearts of classic car collectors, especially the earliest models from the 1960s. Recently, on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, we got to see a custom, Buick Riviera. This 1966 model went through an extensive build to make it a car any collector would love to add to their garage. The 425 ci V8 engine is stock, but many other features, including the eye-catching paint job, are custom.

Beautiful Buick Riviera Paint Job

Setting this Riviera apart from others are its air ride suspension, chopped top (by 3.5 inches) and its sharp, golden yellow paint job, which cost $1,500 alone. The same sunny hue continues inside with custom leather that covers not only the seats, but the headliner as well. However, the much of the interior design remains stock, including the original radio, dashboard, and steering wheel. Altogether, the build team from Hot Rods and Custom Stuff in California, spent 3,000 hours over the course of 16 months creating this custom Buick Riviera beauty.

Here at Hilton Head Automotive, we love the look of this custom Buick and wish we could spend a day cruising down the road in this amazing machine.

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