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GMC “Like a Pro” Ad Campaign Launches to Promote New Crossovers

New Crossovers

Pro Grade Crossovers

GMC’s new “Like a Pro” ad campaign reimagines the brand as one with more versatility and mass appeal following America’s current obsession with trucks, SUVs and New Crossovers. Offering sophisticated trucks and SUVs with modern styling and accents, the GMC lineup isn’t just a rugged performance lineup of workhorses.

The GMC “Like a Pro” campaign boils down its “We Are Professional Grade” slogan to the catchier “Like a Pro” and focuses more on success within personal relationships and family than on work. The commercial acknowledges various career paths, showing that GMC vehicles are a great option no matter what your job is.

The ad campaign also shows GMC vehicles as a way to bond with family, with shots of parents with their kids and a one-minute ad spot showing a son who wants to be just like his dad, a Sierra truck driver. The commercial encourages the viewer to go bigger and be more than just good—be a pro at whatever you do, whether it’s your job, parenting, or anything else.

To find out more about the new ad campaign or to schedule a test drive of one our many new crossovers, give us a call today at Hilton Head Automotive near Savannah, GA!

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